Sunday, June 19, 2011

     So much has been going on over the last month or so.  We flew back home to Illinois for one of my best friends' wedding.  It was great to spend a little time at home seeing friends and family.

     A couple weekends after that my husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary at Disneyland - seems to be our tradition since being out here in California.

     Yesterday we went into Pasadena for the Chalk Festival - which was so inspiring.  What a great time we had.

Now I'm ready to get some work done before we head out to Sacramento for 4th of July weekend.  Looks like it's going to be a busy summer.  I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time outside, hiking, tennis (and hopefully some biking if we can get them working again).  OH!!  some big news that I almost forgot.  We bought an ipad!!!  SOOOO EXCITING!!   I'm starting to work on Sketchbook Pro and getting a feel for it.  I'm really excited to start doing some more digital work, but the main reason I wanted this was to start using it as my sketchbook.   I tend to have my sketchbooks all over the place and am always picking different ones up to work in and then can't find the last thing that I was looking for.  I'm really liking the idea of using this as my sketchbook and keeping everything in one place and always having it on me.  Ken may be doing a lot of overtime at work - so my plan is to have the ipad on me so that I can use the extra time after work sketching.   I'm also liking the idea that I can sketch and print without having to scan the images.  This is really going to help me start going in a digital direction.  I'll post some of that work in a few days.  Till then, have a great Monday everyone.

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