Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday we spent the day at "Comikaze" - comic convention on Los Angeles.  Though there were some frustrations at the beginning of the day, in the end it was a good time.  We saw a lot of amazing art and illustration and met a lot of great artists.  It was a huge inspiration and really helped me better evaluate my own work (and processing the idea of how many artists are out there that are so much better than I am, but still feeling that I can find a place for myself among it all, which has not been easy).  Here is a little bit of our day....

"Firefly" shirts!!  

"Ron Glass" from "Firefly" and "Serenity" 

"Badger" from Breaking Bad!!! - how awesome!! 

the guy from "Salute You're Shorts" - anyone else remember this show?
I love it when I was a kid.

And some awesome artwork that we purchased!!  Can't wait to get them framed and on the wall
Purchased these two prints from artist Paul Wilson ( (- sooooo in love with his work. (we have to get the rest of the turtles now to finish the collection).  Check out his site!! 

we also purchased this poster/print from artist Ellison Keomaka (  By far the best Avengers Art I've ever seen.   He had several Hulk prints that were awesome, and after much deliberation we decided on this one.

And my own personal possession that I brought home: a book of sketches and drawing from Illustrator/Animator - David Colman.  It's such an awesome book.

One other artist that really stood out was Chris Kawagiwa (
Almost bought his "Hoth" print but wasn't able to this time.  Hopefully we can get it in the near future.  Definitely check out his work - great Star Wars and X-Men pieces.

Hope you all enjoy and I'll try and post again soon, with some work of my own.  :)

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