Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thanks for all the positive feedback from everyone, I really appreciate the encouragement. 
I have finally completed my final portfolio piece.  I hate to use the word "final" because it's no where near the final piece - but I wanted a minimum of 10 illustrations before I started promoting, and I have reached that goal.   So here it is .... the 10'th  illustration .....

There are still several small pieces that I have been working on.  Hopefully I will post them this week.  For now it's time to focus on the website, maybe tweaking the blog a little bit and creating a facebook for my illustrations.  I also need to begin contemplating what my promotional post cards should look like.  I have a lot of computer work ahead of me and already miss my paint brush, but I'm happy to begin the next step.  I'll keep you all posted.

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Aunt Patt said...

Beautiful! I really like this one (not that I don't like the others)! You shouldn"t have any problems "promoting" your talent.