Sunday, May 02, 2010

     This is the beginning.  Well, not the VERY beginning, but the beginning of making some real steps forward with my life.  I know that this isn't the first time that I've said that, but this will be the last.  This is the point in my life where I stop "saying" that I'm going to do this and I begin to take action.  This is the place where I stop dreaming of who and what I want to be and wishing I could be there, and start "living" that life - to begin living in the present and just BE me!
     I'm ready to say "I'm ok with being an ordinary girl."  I'm not the girl that just seems to have everything together, and I probably won't ever be, but that's ok.   I'm just an ordinary girl with big dreams and I will make them happen!

     This is a place to document my journey.  Originally I thought I would start something like this once I reached my destination - but then got thinking, what better time than now to start telling my story.  What better way to start living it than to be responsible in keeping this updated with my progress.  In order to make this blog work I HAVE to take steps forward.
     This will be dedicated to my art and forcing myself to sketch and draw and produce work to put on this blog.  Not to say that some of my personal life won't bleed into this, because this is more than just my work - it's my journey,  and that involves every aspect of my life.  The things that I do or don't do and the things and places that bring me inspiration.  I want a place where I can share those experiences.
     I'm ready to start being accountable for my life and put myself out there.  I'm done worrying about what other people will think or say about me, my work, what I say on this blog ......   I'm done censoring myself and I'm ready to be me.  Life's to short to spend it  hiding from the world, right?  So here I am - to share myself and my journey with anyone who might be interested.  Maybe someone out there is facing a similar situation in their life and can relate - or maybe you might just find this amusing.  Either way I invite you along to share in all of my ups and downs, my little steps and big leaps & everything else that happens in between.

     The plan is to update this blog twice a week (for starters) and to always have something new that I've created,  am working on or found.  I've been too lazy in the past.  It's time to get the sketchbook out and begin finding that part of myself that makes me the most happy that has somehow gotten lost in the shuffle.      

 I did a little bit of sketching last night - unfortunately I just wasn't getting into it - it felt really forced.  But I do like this little Ducky guy - I may try and do something a little more with him.

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Michelle said...

You are not just an ordinary girl, you are an extraordinary person and an excellent artist! I look forward to following your journey and seeing your work!